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"I was basically trapped inside a prison. Arrendale State Prison, in Georgia. When I got out, I found I was still in jail — a jail made out of my 'cruddy' personality. I used the Qi Chain system to readjust to society and do personal growth."
"James," 58, Nauvoo, Ill.

"I was the office manager for the physics department at a community college when I started using the Qi Chain. Now I'm the office manager at a Hollywood production company."
Miriam Kinkheune, Office Manager, Wonder Glen Productions

"Jeannie and the whole Qi Chain growth pod don't just throw a textbook at you. They really are there for you, in person; they came into my home at night and rode me all the way to the Growth Campus."
V. Chadhury, Arlington, Colo.

"I used the mental coupons to "buy" myself a brownie. I got a great desert and earned $132."
"Tom", 48, Jersey City, New Jersey

"Using the principle of 'Crystal-Tonics,' I got a clearer view on my divorce and that's for sure."
Darryl, 51 Memphis, TN

"Jeannie is like the best friend you never had: she's tough on you when she needs to be, and she's caring some other times. You never know which Jeannie you're going to get!"
Jennie Carter, 37, Seattle, WA

"I started using the Qi Chain system two days before 9/11."
Sgt. Largent. Firefighter, New York City

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