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Qi Chain Coffee Mug, $11.95
A coffee mug that says, "I am a bitch without coffee ... and the Qi Chain personal growth

"Qi Chain T-Shirt"
Long sleeve, $18.00
Short sleeve, $17.00

Qi Chain Diet Pills, $50.00/100 capsules*
The East meets West Vitamins that first brought all the attention to Jeannie Rae.
*These capsules should not be handled by pregnant women.

The Qi Chain Money Clip, $19.00
Authentic souvenir money clip from Suze Orman's 2005 conference in Truckee, Calif.

Personal Demons Bracelets, $
Your personal demons are powerful, that's why we use strong language on these motivator
"&*ck you, Diabetes." (overcoming diabetes bracelet)
"Suck a %*ck, Obesity." (weight loss motivator)

The Jeannie Rae Bailey Workout, $33.00
A 45-minute DVD with Jeannie's fitness goals, including jogging up stairs to a fruit breakfast.

The Qi Chain Hat, $14.95
A humorous hat that helps you achieve your Qi Chain networking quota:
Adjustable mesh cap with front that says, "If you can read this, ask me where your 'keys' are.

The Qi Copier, $1,900
A real key copying machine like you find at a hardware store! Never pay to have your keys
copied-motivate, and do it yourself!

Qi Chain '96 VW Jetta GL 5sp 2.0L, 127K mi.
Moon roof, needs timing belt. $4,300, OBO.
Since the car was smogged less than 90 days ago, you will not have to smog it as long as you
change the title before May 28.

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