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For over eight years, Jeannie Rae Bailey has been helping people break boundaries in the realms of creative visualization, overcoming fear of success, East-West integrative strategy, and solving time puzzles.

Jeannie received her Masters in Plenative Psychology from the University of Albert Einstein at Banff. She received her Ph.D. in Men's and Women's Studies from the Nemendema Institute in La Jolla (la-HOYA), California.

Jeannie's journey started in 1976 when she took part in President Ford's Peace Squad convoy to Chad (Africa). Devastated by the conditions of poverty and starvation she found there, Jeannie ballooned up to 248 lbs., became addicted to radio, and could not motivate to do her peace duties.

Jeannie Rae bailey photo

She received an honorable discharge and traveled to the ancient and healing steppes of Korea, Asia, where she began the painful journey of self-discovery and recovery. Within two years, she was granted an apprenticeship to Soo Chi Kwon, master of jogi. Jeannie became the only Westerner to be recognized as a third-level Qo'ougar.

The Qi Chain system was a natural outgrowth of Jeannie's studies with Master Soo. Focusing on breath hypnotics, nutritive puzzle pieces, and emotional literacy, Qi Chain opened doors for Jeannie at Texas Instruments, Coleco, Esprit, and Hobie Cat as a motivational speaker and corporate trainer.

A millionaire, Jeannie enjoys hiking with her dog, Sue Fang, and tasting and drinking fine wines as well as sailing and playing tetherball. Her books, Qi to the Qingdom, The Answer Qi, and Qi Party have over 60 million copies in print worldwide and have been translated into 1,800 languages.

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