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But first...

"What is the Qi Chain?
It's a system based on principles to set you free and help you achieve your goal!

How do you pronounce 'Qi'?
It's pronounced key like "Mickey."

Is this an Asian system?
No! This system is for whites or any race. Qi means "life force" in Asian, but it's not just them that has it—we have it too!

How do I get my significant other to sign up for this?
We will arrange a full-service package "blowout rollout."

Is it expensive?
No: this is an investment in human potential, which will always have a lot of naysayers. Just ask Dick Fozberry, gold medalist.

Is this a pyramid scheme?
No. Pyramids have almost everybody at the bottom and nobody at the top. Our pyramid has almost everybody at the top:

      xxxxxxxxx <you

But don't just take our word for it! Listen to all these people just like you who have benefited from the legendary power of Qi Chain!:

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